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C3A Cross Platform 3D Animated Format  v.1.594

C3A is a cross platform format for animated 3D geometry.Compact, fast, low bandwidth, and compatible with all current hardware/firmware; DirectX, OpenGL, XBox, PS2, 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, &

CPhone - Cross platform gui for H323  v.0.3.1

CPhone is a cross platform voip client which uses the H323 protocol. It compiles and runs on Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac (OS X) boxes. It is based on the libraries from and

Cross-Dev  v.1.0

X-Dev (cross-dev) is a collection of shell scripts to build a cross-compiling environment and libraries to use with it. It's meant to be run from Linux and it's primary target is Windows (TM), other platforms will propably be supported

Cross Compiler  v.1.0

This is a cross compiler and code generator which converts the source code from one programming language to another language or

Cross-platform SIMD C Headers  v.20041026

A cross-platform, cross-compiler, cross-CPU C header library for programming with SIMD instruction sets. X86 (MMX/SSE/SSE2) GCC and MSVC, PPC Altivec GCC, WMMX ARM GCC, and software emulated SIMD are

Cross-Platform System Library  v.0.01

Cross-Platform System Library is a portable C++ run-time library that provides support for manipulating system resources, such as thread, process, mutex, and synchronize, in Win32 and POSIX(UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X)

Cross-Platform Toolkit Library (xtklib)  v.b.0.2.0.alpha

A C++ based framework for highly object-oriented cross-platform programming. Includes Thread, Processes,Filesystem access,GUI, etc. plus a set of generic utilities like Strings,Data structures,advanced debugging tools,

Cross-species alignment tool  v.0.8.6

Xat is named after X-species Alignment Tool. It is designed to be a cross-species cDNA-to-genome alignment software. It is fast and accurate, and optimized for genome-wide

ATasm: 6502 cross-assembler  v.106

ATasm is a 6502 command-line cross-assembler that is compatible with the original Mac/65 macro assembler released by OSS software. The aim of ATasm is to provide Atari home-brew coders with a comfortable and powerful

AVR Cross Development Kit  v.1.0

CDK4AVR stands for Cross Development Kit for Atmels AVR RISC processor serieand should you support with a comprehensive Assembler and C developmentenvironment for even this processor familie under Linux or similar host

BTP Cross Plataform Basic Compiler  v.2003.06.23

BTP is a new Cross Plataform Basic Compiler Project using Basic to Pascal Translation and compilation using FPC (Free Pascal Compiler).Current State is good. You can make anything under console and use inline pascal for now if you like to build GUI

BZLink, Cross-server chat for BZFlag  v.0.1

BZLink is a program written in C which allows cross-server communication in the game

CeGCC - Cross development for Pocket PC  v.1399

CeGCC is a cross-development environment for creating Windows CE (Pocket PC) applications, from a Linux, Cygwin, or MacOS-X host

CPT - Cross Platform Toolkit  v.3

libHFS was a cross-platform wrapper for highlevel filesystem functions including: links, file enumeration, device enumeration, directory traversal, and directory locations (Desktop, Root, System). CPT is this and

Cross Crash  v.

Cross-Crash is an enhancement to the existing Crash utility that analyzes the linux kernel core dumps by Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD). It allows the analysis of core dumps on hosts that are not of the same architecture the dumps were originated

Cross-Media Invoice XML Project  v.2006.10.11

Development of Cross-Media-Invoice XML Specification for Broadcast TV, Radio, Cable, Print and other

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